Monday, June 13, 2011

Submission Instructions

Dear all,

Please follow the instructions below as to how to proceed with submissions of both your sketchbook and TGC Folio.

Group 1 (Indrani):
Please submit your works as instructed by Indrani.
Drop-off point: the corner opposite of Mr Keith's cubicle, located in the in Block C Level 9 Staff Suite.
Please note: Submission will commence today and works will not be accepted past Monday, June 20th.

Group 2 (Normah) & Group 3 (Faiz):
As both Normah and Faiz are away for the Terang competition, both groups will submit your works on Monday, June 20th between 2.30pm to 4.30pm.
Drop-off point: Block C Level 9 Staff Suite, Front Table.(There will be two boxes placed here each labelled Design Communication for Normah Sulaiman and Faiz Akhbar respectively. Please ensure you are placing your works in the according and correct box.)
Time for submission is strictly between 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Note that submissions past 4.30pm will not be accepted.

Group 4 (Shyn):
You will submit your works to me in Design Studio 1 strictly today and Thursday unless I have granted you permission to do otherwise.
Drop-off point: Design Studio 1
Note: for those whom I have given permission to submit next Monday or Tuesday due to certain circumstance, email me ASAP to remind me of your situation and when you will submit those works to me.

Group 5 (Wan):
You will submit your works anytime from today to Monday, 4.30pm.
Drop-off point: Please place your work in the labelled box that will be located in the hallway of the Staff Suite Block C, Level 5.

Group 6 (Yati):
Submission of both the portfolio and sketch journals is on Thursday, June 16th before 5pm.
Drop-off point: Yellow cabinet located in the Block C Level 9 Staff Suite.
Please note: Further instructions by Puan Yati will be put up on the wall and you are required to sign the list provided on the door.

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