Sunday, June 12, 2011

Re: TGC Folio for D.Comm

Miss Shyn,
Regarding the portfolio, we are suppose to put in all our work include the project 3.

But the project 3 is actually same as the design studio project 3 as well.
Since this project is the combination with design studio (include doing the board),
so in the portfolio for this semester, do we still need to differentiate them into different category, 1 copy for design comm and 1 copy for design studio (but actually they are the same thing)?

Just to clarify guys, for design comm it is more important to show the process you have taken to reach the final boards. Meaning, not only is the final layout important, but what is more crucial are the rough drawings and models you have made along the way. Be it butter paper and pencil drawings, etc.

Reason being I am more interested in the process and development of your communication skills from the start to the end of semester.

So please be sure to include your working materials when putting together your portfolio.


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