Monday, September 17, 2012

Announcement: We have moved


Please take note that we have moved d.comm sept 2012 content to this address

This blog will be officially onwards for design studio 1 announcement, unit outline and etc. related contents.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Final Portfolio submission

Hi guys,

Please note that the final submission for the compiled and collated portfolio will be this Wednesday, July 25 between 4pm to 6pm (late submissions will not be tolerated).

I will place two submission boxes outside my office in Level C5, one for Group A and the other for Group B.

Kindly place your portfolios neatly in these boxes. Your folio should be submitted as loose pages in an envelope. Please make sure that your name and ID# are clearly labelled on the envelope.

If you have any queries, please contact me via email. Otherwise, good luck with the last bits of the semester as well with your exams.

All the best!

Ps. please post this announcement on your FB page. Thanks!
Pps. to Design Comm students in my tutorial group, I have (finally) finished assessing them. You can pick them up from outside my office as well. I have placed them together in a single plastic sleeve on the floor outside the staff offices on level C5. Please come collect them asap for feedback and comments. Thanks for that too!

Comments on portfolio

Below are the listed comments based on the submitted work to me.
For those names are not in the list, please refer to your respective lecturer for comments.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Preparing your portfolio

We are reaching the end of D.Comm 2012.
This means, its time to compile of what we've learned through out the semester.

Checklist in Compiling your D.Comm work: 
• Total Pages for D.comm Folio: 1 page for cover, 3 pages for all the works.
• Cover must contain - contents of works & learning outcome (refer to subject handout)
• 3 pages must contains all the works from project 1(a) to project 2 (c).
• Be sure to include each projects learning outcome (refer to project handout) placed/ written next to the work.

• You can submit your draft to your respective unit lectures for comments and guides during d.comm tutorial class Tuesday (10 July) or Thursday (12 July).
• Please refer to Miss Shyn (Design Studio 1) for the official submittion date for the overall folio.

• Lectures by Dr. Veronica during class in 'What is a Portfolio' - the Do's and the Dont's.
TGC_Portfolio Workshop Sem 2 2010

• You can checkout here for more tips in How to Composed Design For Presentation

• commendable examples of student folio's.
D.Comm Samples - Portfolio

Have Fun Composing


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brief For Project 3

Project 3 : Presentation Board+ Portfolio (25%)
Pin up presentation board: 3rd July.2012

This assessment is integrated with the final project for Design Studio 1. You will apply the skills and techniques mastered from Assessments 1 and 2 accordingly and appropriately to your skills and to best represent and communicate your final design idea. Asides demonstrating your abilities and skills, you will also learn to manage and plan your time effectively and work efficiently.

Presentation Layout_by Izwan Nor Azhar

Monday, June 18, 2012


Dear all,

Please be informed that I will be briefing you on the requirements for the Internal Review tomorrow in class. For Group A, this briefing will take place at 11am, Group B at 2pm. Attendance is compulsory and critical.

As we are just mere days away from the submission, this will mean that you need to finalise your design schemes with your tutors by tomorrow. In order to aid the finalisation of your design and getting the advice you need to progress towards completion, you will need to show sufficient visual material to your tutors. So please have with you: your study models, site models, orthographic drawings, sketches and any additional drawings such as perspectives and axo. Everyone should have started on their models and orthographic drawings by now.

Please take note of this and inform your fellow peers.

Thank you and I will see you all tomorrow.


In developing your designs, think about these two things:
1) What is the spatial quality you're creating? What is the poetics of space in your scheme?
 - poetics of space quite simply refers to the atmosphere you're creating. Think about the difference of spatial quality and experience of a church and a storeroom. Why are the two spaces so different in experience? What are the architectural elements (ie. ceiling height, choice of materials and textures, window openings size and type) that have been used/manipulate/modified in order to create that resulting spatial quality?

2) How is your design grafted?
- does your design meet the requirement of being grafted? What is the definition of grafted? How is your design grafted to your site? Is it grafted to the wall or ceiling? Is it grafted to the ground or onto a pillar?

What is being grafted here and how?