Friday, November 4, 2011

Something To Think About...

1. Think about material properties. Be sensitive of the materials that you have chosen. The more considerate/rigorous you are with the choices you have made, the better.

i.e. what is glass? is glass merely about transparency? of physical separation but not visual separation? of transparency, and yet at the same time reflecting its surroundings? What are the geometrical limitation of glass? What are the implications of using glass (beyond the original intent) on the building design, atmosphere, etc.

2. Whatever you come up with needs to be relevant to "architecture". Architecture does not necessarily refer to building, but a way of thinking about material, structure, space or place-making. Beware of using symbols and forms that do not relate to architectural structures.

in case you are confused, remember this: design a space! always think of the design criteria.

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