Friday, November 11, 2011

Penultimate (Design Studio Internal Review)

Hi everyone,

Final reminders:

1. Four A3 boards only. please pin up your works by 9am (group A) and 2pm (group B). Reviews will start on time. If you submit late, you will not be allowed to present.

2. Please pin your boards on the partitions according to groups. Arrange your boards vertically (i.e. board 1 above board 2 above board 3 above board 4) so that everyone can pin up.

3. Place your sketch models on/in a box. Label your sketch models, preferably.

4. All drawings must be hand drawn and all text on your design boards must be hand written.

5. Drawing scales and north point. Do not make mistakes on these things.

6. Re-composition using computer graphic programs are allowed. But the scale of the drawings on your printed boards must be indicated and accurate. A re-scaled drawing must be labelled to the print size. If you do not understand this, do not use computers for your design boards.

7. Additionally, please print and staple a black&white draft of your portfolio for this subject for projects 1 and 2. This shouldn't take too much of your time. Think simple layouts.

Some other announcements:

1. Portfolio binding payment of RM30. Group leader please collect the portfolio fee on the day of presentation. Please arrange this before the presentation.

2. To those who has not paid their bus fee (Fildzah, Xian Song, Samaneh, Derrick, Jamie, Xueyi, Kieran, Lee Xin and Najath), please be responsible and pay up by the day as well.

3. Submission date for architecture design studio and portfolio has been confirmed on Dec 4, one day before the presentation date.

4. To those who cannot make it for final presentation, you are to submit the works to me prior. Your work will be assessed without verbal presentation.

5. By the way, attendance for design class has been disappointing. I know there are a lot of submissions, but your time management is your responsibility. There will be NO extensions whatsoever.

All the best!

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