Thursday, October 6, 2011

Site visit Details

Location: Melaka Town (UNESCO WHS, Core Zone)
Date: 8 October 2011, Saturday


7.30 am
Meet at Taylor’s lakeside campus

8.00 am
Bus departs

11.00 am
Bus arrives at Melaka town

11.15 am
Site visit and physical documentation (Task 1: in groups)

1.30 pm

2.30 pm
Discovering the trades and people of old Melaka (Task 2: individual sketchbook exercise)

5.00 pm

6.00 pm

7.00 pm
Bus leaves for Kuala Lumpur

To Do:

1. The purpose of the site visit is to document a chosen site for Project 3: A Grafted Space

2. Students will be divided into 8 groups, as per the grouping in Project 2A. Each group is to choose one site. You are required to conduct a simple site analysis where you will document and measure the site (Task 1). The map provided describes the boundary of your possible sites.

3. You may seek advice from the lecturer as to what is a suitable site. The site should be suitable for a grafted space (i.e. lane way, a derelict shophouse)

3. Groups must be together at all times, until the documentation of the site is complete.

4. Task 2 is a sketchbook exercise. From the list of possible clients, students are encouraged to explore the site and learn more about any of the trades and activities related to the site i.e. sketches, interviews, profiling

5. The sketchbook must be presented to the respective lecturers on Monday. A draft site analysis must be presented on Wednesday, 12 October

Client List:

wayang kulit (tok dalang)
chef/cook (eg. chicken rice ball)
recycled material collector
cosmetic surgeon
erhu player
joss stick maker
trishaw driver
nyonya beaded shoe maker / kebaya seamstress
silver/goldsmith / jewellery maker
rattan furniture craftsmen
cultural anthropologist
popiah skin maker
counterfeit goods seller
sculptor / building craftsman

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